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Roller Noir

Skin Revitalizing System
There are no ingredients more powerful than those naturally produced by your body. The NANNETTE de GASPÉ Roller Noir™ enables your skin’s natural ability to restore itself without any outside ingredients or sources other than micro-needles. This at-home treatment allows you to tap into the body’s own fountain of youth to reveal smoother, plumper, and overall rejuvenated looking skin. Roller Noir™ features 192 0.5mm Titanium micro needles and should be replaced regularly.

$42.00 USD

What to expect

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    Reduces fine lines & wrinkles

    Reveals tighter, plumper and reinvigorated skin.

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    Facilitates exfoliation

    Helps reduce the appearance of pores.

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    Promotes a more luminous complexion

    Reveals healthier and more radiant skin.