Through our proprietary, high-performance and natural formulations as well as an innovative approach to beauty, we have created a collection of skincare that works deeply and continuously to help reveal your beautiful, youthful self.

What is BMV™?

BMV™ stands for Biomimetic Micro Vectors, where "Biomimetic" means imitating nature by mimicking your skin’s natural processes, and "Micro Vectors" are tiny carriers that deliver important ingredients deep into your skin.

Nature-Inspired Innovation:

Our BMV™ ™ technology mimics your skin’s natural processes, ensuring harmonious integration and unparalleled effectiveness.

Effective Delivery System:

Unlike traditional delivery methods that release ingredients into the skin all at once, our technology encapsulates and slowly releases the active ingredients, allowing them to continue to work for 6-8 hours after application. This ensures better absorption and reduced irritation.

Better Ingredients, Less Time:

While most skincare products contain only 5-10% active ingredients, ours contain over 80%, thanks to BMV™ technology.

The Waterless Approach

With this approach, no water is used to act as a filler thus enabling us to achieve more pronounced skincare results in a condensed amount of time.

Our virtually waterless treatment formulations feature the BMV™ infusion technology which allows us to deliver a higher concentration of active ingredients more deeply into the skin. 

Repairs and restores the skin

NANNETTE de GASPÉ’s dry techstile™ collections perform like an intensely reparative serum with a mask-like application.

The advanced BMV™ infusion technology repairs and restores the skin while it encapsulates active ingredients, transporting them more deeply into the skin.

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