Gua Sha Noir™

Lift, sculpt, tone, and ease puffiness with a Bian stone Gua Sha
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Made from the Bian stone, known for its healing properties, Gua Sha Noir™ helps to create flow and movement below the skin's surface. Its regular use helps alleviate tension blockages and promotes circulation resulting in a more vibrant-looking complexion. In addition, Gua Sha Noir™ is designed to aid in the tightening, toning, sculpting, and smoothing of the skin. 



The Bian Stone Gua Sha Noir™ Difference

As the original stone used in Gua Sha, Bian is known for its healing properties and is believed to have been created when a meteor struck a mountain in ancient China, resulting in the production of a special combination of stone and minerals with elevated potential for healing. Minerology studies show that the Bian stone emits ultrasound pulsations, far-infrared rays, and negative ions, all of which are known for their antioxidant and anti-aging effects as well as the regenerating of healthy human cells and DNA.

Real Results

Enhances complexion

Promotes glowing skin and reduces the appearance of dark circles by encouraging the lymphatic function, thus carrying oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells.

Reduces puffiness

Promotes lymphatic drainage

Relieves tension

Helps to relieve facial and jaw tension – the Gua Sha can get into the tight knotted areas to help break up the adhesions between the connective tissue of the muscle and skin and helps to release muscle tension.

Clinical Results

Clean, effective ingredients — backed by science

Our in-house chemists are continuously refining and optimizing our portfolio of natural and man-made ingredients.

All Ingredients

It is important to hold your Gua Sha Noir™
firmly and in the correct way. The curved parts of the Gua Sha should be
used to hug and contour the different curves of your face, neck, and décolleté whereas
the ribbed portion is meant to invigorate the flatter surfaces on your
skin (such as chin to cheeks, temples, and forehead) to help improve the
appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Gua Sha Noir™ should be practiced in the direction of the lymphatic flow by starting
on your neck and gently working your way up. This will help move out stagnant energy and the accumulation of toxins, which can eventually improve other underlying conditions such as blemishes, dark spots, and rosacea.


Wash Gua Sha Noir™ Skin Revitalizing Tool with warm water and mild soap. Allow to air dry before storing.


Avoid using this product on areas with active blemishes or breakouts, keloid scarring, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, fungal infections, cold sores, sunburns, and/or any other form of damaged or infected skin.


For adult and external use only. Keep out of
reach of children. Clean after each use. Do not use on damaged or infected skin.

How to use...

Repeat each step 3-5 times before moving onto the next area.

Neck: Using SIDE 1, glide Gua Sha Noir™ upward starting with the vertebrae, where the spine meets the neck. Next, sweep the wider concave side (SIDE 2) of the Gua Sha upward along the back of each side of the neck towards the hairline to release tension.
Continuing to use SIDE 2 of the Gua Sha, move to the front of the neck starting from the right collarbone, moving upwards to the jawline while applying medium pressure. Repeat on the opposite side of the neck.

Jaw: Starting from the center of the chin, move the smaller cleft or divot of Gua Sha Noir™ (SIDE 1) along the jawline through to the base of the ear. Wiggle the tool to help release tension. Repeat on the opposite side.

Cheeks: On the lower portion of the cheek and cheekbone, place the wider concave edge (SIDE 3) of Gua Sha Noir™ to the right of the mouth and at the bridge of the nose. Slowly drag it upward past the cheekbone and stop right before the ear. Wiggle the tool to help release tension. Repeat on the opposite side.

On the upper portion of the cheek and cheekbone, place the narrower concave edge
(SIDE 4) of Gua Sha Noir™ to the right of the
mouth and at the bridge of the nose. Slowly drag it upward past the cheekbone and stop right before the ear. Wiggle the tool to help release tension. Repeat on the opposite side.

Eyes: Starting just below the inner corner of the right eye, gently move the narrow side or smallest tip (SIDE 5) of Gua Sha Noir™ under the eye, along the orbital bone and toward the hairline. Repeat on the opposite side.

Eyebrows: Using SIDE 2, place Gua Sha Noir™ in the middle of the eyebrows and sweep to the right in a lifting motion through to the hairline. Repeat on the opposite side.

Forehead: Starting from the top of the right eyebrow, glide the wide ribbed edge (SIDE 6) of Gua Sha Noir™ up to the top of the hairline. Repeat the motion starting from the middle of the eyebrows, and above to the left eyebrow.


Catherine M.

Best face cream I have ever used.

It sinks right in and is not oily or greasy. No serum needed, and a little goes a long way. It’s the pure stuff, not watered down.

Abigail T.

Outstanding products!

These skincare products are in a league of their own! Outstanding!

Joshua A.

Expensive but worth it!

Great, concentrated little goes a long way.

Molly N.

I love the moisturizer

I love the smell and the feel of my skin. It’s been 3 weeks so I hope I look like I’m 30 in 3 weeks. Truth be told. The texture of my skin at 3 weeks in does feel softer. I’m 58. So just being honest.

Kathleen K.

Beautiful eye balm

I’m loving this eye balm. It’s very thick so a little goes a long way.
I’ve only been using it for about a week and the skin around my eyes already looks brighter and smoother

Sherrie M.

Returning Customer

This is the second purchase I’ve made from Nannette de Gaspé and I am thrilled with each item I’ve bought!! Products are fabulous!

Gwendolyn Merrill


I enjoy the feeling of applying Baumé Noir to my face before going to bed. The cream is rich, soothing and healthy for my skin!

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Founder's Note

"Our first product was created as a proof of concept to showcase our innovative technology to large cosmetic companies.

The majority of skincare does not go beyond the surface of your skin...

I wanted to create products that delivered significant, visible results without undergoing expensive cosmetic procedures"

- Nannette de Gaspé Beaubien, Founder & CEO


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Customer Reviews

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Jenny (Toronto, CA)
Skin type: Dry to mature
Skin concern: Dullness, Firmness, Uneven skintone/texture
A wonderful tool

I use the gua sha tool on my face a few times a week. I feel it helps strengthen my skin, and believe that using it regularly will have definite benefits on my skin. This is a lovely tool to have.