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BMV™ - A Revolutionary Technology

Short for Biomimetic Micro-Vector, it's a bio-identical delivery system encapsulates and safely transports the active ingredients and emollients in skincare formulations.

Imagine ordering a physical product online that is quite fragile. The product arrives in appropriate packaging to prevent any damage during transit...

But in traditional skincare, there's virtually no packaging, and most active ingredients won't even reach the first layer of your skin. 

With this BMV™ technology, millions of BMVs is safely transported into the skin, where they slowly break down, depositing all of the encapsulated active ingredients and emollients in the deepest layer of the skin. This creates a reservoir that feeds and nourishes the skin from the inside out.

Exceptional Youth-Restoring Results

They were originally founded as a biotech company specializing in the trans-dermal delivery of active ingredients for pharmaceutical applications. NANNETTE de GASPÉ never actually set out to be a beauty company.

❝ Our first product was created as a proof of concept to showcase our new technology to large cosmetic companies. The majority of skincare does not go beyond the surface of your skin... I wanted to create products that delivered significant, visible results without undergoing expensive cosmetic procedures.❞

- Nannette de Gaspé Beaubien, Founder & CEO

The technology took over a decade to develop and is scientifically proven to improve the efficacy of a skincare formulation 6 to 8 fold.

Results In Less Time, With Less Product

Because of the BMV™ technology, their products are virtually waterless, thus allowing the brand to achieve active ingredient and emollient concentrations upward of 80%! That's 10-12 times more than the industry standard.

Even the most renowned skincare brands in the world only feature 5-7% active ingredient concentrations.

This enables your skin to benefit more from the things that make a difference in helping to achieve more pronounced skincare results in a condensed amount of time all whilst using less product.

❝We take everything you know about traditional skin care treatment products and flip it on its head.❞

- Adele Rubiano, President at NANNETTE de GASPÉ

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