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Baume Noir™ EyesBaume Noir™ Eyes
Baume Noir™ Eyes

An eye cream that addresses fine lines and wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles.

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Vitality Revealed™ FaceVitality Revealed™ Face
Vitality Revealed™ Face

A Mesotherapy-inspired, bio-stimulant dry techstile™ treatment for the face

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Essence Noir™ TonicEssence Noir™ Tonic
Essence Noir™ Tonic

Treatment-based toner to help reveal hydrated, brighter, radiant skin.

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Vitality Revealed™ NeckVitality Revealed™ Neck
Vitality Revealed™ Neck

Bio-stimulant techstile™ treatment for the neck.

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Vitality Revealed™ DécolletéVitality Revealed™ Décolleté
Vitality Revealed™ Décolleté

Bio-stimulant techstile™ treatment for the décolleté.

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Chock-full of potent antioxidants, the plush potion resurfaces your complexion to amp up its glow