Clean Science: The Holy Grail of Skincare

Clean Science:  The Holy Grail of Skincare

You may have heard the words “Natural”,  “Clean”, “Clinical” or “Science-based” when it comes to skincare. But, what does it all mean?

A couple of years ago, when NANNETTE de GASPÉ had just launched its new skincare collection, the Art of Noir, I had a meeting with a beauty specialty boutique owner in Toronto.  I had known her for quite a few years and decided to personally meet with her and introduce NANNETTE de GASPÉ. After I explained the brand, its technology and all of its virtues, she took me for a tour of her store and explained to me that she had two walls of skincare products. On one wall, she showcased all the natural brands that she carried and on the other, all the clinical brands. As we finished the visit, she looked at me and said that it would be difficult for her to carry my brand because we were not just natural, we were also clinical and did not fit clearly on either wall. Wow! We did not fit the check marks!!! I left the shop not knowing whether to laugh or cry. But what struck me was how truly unique and special NANNETTE de GASPÉ is as a brand.  By definition, our products are natural, clean, clinical AND science-based…something that is rarely seen. I was able to confirm what I already knew: NANNETTE de GASPÉ is disrupting the skincare category.

Historically, natural skincare has not been seen as high performing nor was there any expectation that it should be. Natural brands generally focus their efforts and marketing on being natural. In addition, many people don’t differentiate between “natural” and “clean”. Clinical or science-based brands are generally focused on efficacy; they don’t make claims about how natural they are nor would they sacrifice performance for natural-ness. Until recently, natural and clinical just didn’t go together and clean was never in the picture. However, today, consumers are knowledgeable, savvy and asking for more. We define our brand offering as “Clean Science”.

Let’s unwrap:


Some brands claim that they are natural, but do not typically declare exactly how natural they are.  So, just how natural IS natural? Depending on the brand, the definition of “natural” varies. One thing to note is that “clean” products can be natural and/or synthetic.

At Nannette de Gaspé, each of our products are upwards of 95% natural, meaning that at least 95% of the ingredients in each of our products is natural.

We  incorporate high performing laboratory and scientifically derived ingredients in our formulations, including hyaluronic acid and peptides, which are technically defined as synthetic. We also have a very small percentage of scent in our skincare, which is comprised of only the highest quality oils that contain both natural and synthetic molecules. In reality, the majority of the great perfumes in the market do have a component of synthetic molecules to achieve their beautiful scents. Let’s be clear...synthetic does not equal bad or harmful. It simply means that it is made of human hands.

Natural generally means that the products are formulated with ingredients found in nature and do not contain any synthetic/human-made components. However, being natural does not necessarily mean inherently better, safer, or any less risky than human-made molecules. Some natural ingredients can also be harmful or toxic to one’s health.

Clean ingredients, on the other hand, are shown to be safe to use, free from toxins and questionable ingredients like sulfates, parabens, petrochemicals, etc. The definition of “clean beauty” differs from brand to brand, retailer to retailer and expert to expert. Given that the FDA has only banned 11 chemicals in cosmetics, it’s up to brands and consumers to define clean for themselves.

Is NANNETTE de GASPÉ clean beauty? By our definition: YES, it is! We insist on using only the highest quality ingredients that are natural or scientifically derived  and analyzed by our in-house and third party R&D teams as being safe yet very effective. Our goal is to produce high-performing skincare that our client’s can feel very confident in using as it has undergone extensive analysis and has been deemed safe by all internal and external parties working for or with NANNETTE de GASPÉ.


Clinical skincare is defined by a number of criteria but, generally, this category is highlighted as taking a more “scientific approach” when marketing its brand and/or products. This skincare category is often defined by proprietary technologies, true empirical clinical testing (and not simply perception testing - ie. “the product demonstrates an XX% improvement in hydration” vs. “80% of survey respondents feel that their skin is more hydrated”), potentially containing higher concentrations of active ingredients, and may be doctor-founded..   

Taking this one step further, clinical skincare more often incorporates scientific innovation like advanced molecular delivery technologies that allow active ingredients to penetrate the multiple levels of the epidermis or allow for unprecedented concentrations of active ingredients to travel into the skin.

At first glance, NANNETTE de GASPÉ is a natural, visually beautiful, luxurious brand that offers a sensorial experience with delicate scents and unique textures. But our brand is much much more than that; we are both clinical and science based. We began as a biotech company steeped in science and innovation where our technology was primarily being developed for use in pharmaceutical applications. In our biotech labs, our scientists have worked with our patented, proprietary technologies for over 10 years and have a thorough understanding of advanced delivery science; ingredient composition and benefits; and the biology, function and scientific processes of the skin. The cosmetic side of the business came after and was meant to be a proof of concept for pharmaceutical applications. In a nutshell, we had not intended to start a skincare brand, but this was inevitably what happened and forever changed the course of our company!

NANNETTE de GASPÉ’s revolutionary Biomimetic Micro-Vector (BMV™) ingredient delivery system allows for the micro penetration of active ingredients to the multiple layers of the epidermis. With its bioidentical lipid components, this proprietary technology enables a deeper penetration and higher concentration of active ingredients to be transported into the skin, thus achieving more pronounced results in a condensed amount of time.

As the BMV™ merges seamlessly with the skin’s structure, an epidermal reservoir is created which stores the various active ingredients that have been transported into the skin, allowing for a more gradual and continuous release. This smart technology is able to recognize the skin’s needs and will only provide the nourishment that is required in order to achieve an optimal result.

Unlike traditional technologies that provide short-term nourishment to the skin due to predominantly water-based deliveries, NANNETTE de GASPÉ’s waterless BMV™ technology allows for the preservation and delivery of active ingredients for 6 to 8 hours following the initial application to the skin. Further, the BMV technology is able to deliver upwards of 80% active ingredients and emollients into the skin versus 5-7% in traditional skincare, which is comprised of 85-90% water and glycerine.

We use clinically proven active ingredients in our formulations and undergo clinical studies to demonstrate the high performance and efficacy of our skincare products.  

Having said all of this, we want our customers to know that our brand is “not just another pretty face” on the shelf. We are truly category bending skincare that provides reparative, restorative results which we define as “clean science”; the future of skincare.

Nannette de Gaspé Beaubien 

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