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Bain Noir™

This relaxing, soothing, and skin revitalizing sativa bath treatment helps to soothe, revive, and protect the skin while also destressing the mind and body. Nourishing meadow foam and poppy seed oils work together to revitalize the skin while a proprietary aromatic blend of Neroli and Eucalyptus seduces the senses.

500 mL | 16 Fl. Oz.

$275.00 USD

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    Sativa Oil

    A naturally occurring oil that is cold pressed for maximum potency and has a light, nourishing and luxurious feel.

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    Meadowfoam Oil

    Helps to form a protective barrier on the skin preventing moisture loss that could lead to dry and cracked skin.

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    Poppyseed Oil

    Helps to lock in skin moisture and to shield against free radical aggressors to help improve the skin's condition and elasticity.